Model I : Sentence Completion

DIRECTIONS : Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
16. Suriya’s finished reading the newspaper __________
  A.  wasn’t it
  B.  isn’t she
  C.  hasn’t she
  D.  isn’t it
17. The shopkeeper does not have the toys, I was looking
  A.  on
  B.  at
  C.  about
  D.  for

18. Vimal turned to look back __________ his house.
  A.  to
  B.  at
  C.  towards
  D.  into
19. No sooner did he go in __________ he came out.
  A.  then
  B.  and
  C.  than
  D.  when
20. It is better to send __________ to doctor.
  A.  in
  B.  upon
  C.  for
  D.  to