Famous Places

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Famous places.
56. National Institute of Nutrition is located at which of the following places?
  A.  Pune
  B.  Bangalore
  C.  Hyderabad
  D.  Thiruvanantapuram
57. Famous Somanth Temple is in which of the following states?
  A.  Orissa
  B.  Uttar Pradesh
  C.  Maharashtra
  D.  Gujarat

58. Vijay Stambha is situated in
  A.  Agra
  B.  Jaipur
  C.  Chittor
  D.  Delhi
59. National School of mines is located in which of the following cities?
  A.  Udaipur
  B.  Hyderabad
  C.  Kavalpur
  D.  Pune
60. The National Design Institute is located at
  A.  Hyderabad
  B.  Ahmedabad
  C.  Dehradun
  D.  Ahmedabad