Famous Places

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Famous places.
6. The Yellow Stone National Park is in
  A.  France
  B.  China
  C.  Maldives
  D.  U.S.A
7. Famous ‘Somnath Temple’ is in which of the following states?
  A.  Orissa
  B.  Gujarat
  C.  Maharashtra
  D.  Uttar Pradesh

8. The first railway line in India was started in
  A.  1828
  B.  1835
  C.  1853
  D.   1883
9. Where Advanced Centre for Marine Biology Research is located?
  A.  Chennai
  B.  Tuticorin
  C.  Kanyakumari
  D.  Parangipettai
10. National Institute of Aeronautical Engineering is located at
  A.  Bangalore
  B.  Kanpur
  C.  Lucknow
  D.  Dehradun