Verbal - Sentence Completion

DIRECTIONS : Each question contains one or two blanks, and you have to find the best answer choice to make the sentence make complete sense.
71. In the departmental inquiry, it was denied that the police had committed any ______ on people under their custody.
  A.  Blunder
  B.  Excesses
  C.  Beatings
  D.  Injuries
72. The defending champion justified his top __________ by clinching the title.
  A. Form
  B. Technique
  C. Skill
  D. Billing

73. The President asked people not to ___________ language for political or religious purposes.
  A.  Handle
  B.  Use
  C.  Exploit
  D.  Employ
74. His champions prevailed upon him not to ________ to violence.
  A.  Prone
  B.  Provoke
  C.  Pertain
  D.  Resort
75. They decided to _______ down their original plans for the bigger house and make it smaller.
  A.  Play
  B.  Scale
  C.  Rule
  D.  Turn

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