Abbreviation and Acronyms

DIRECTIONS : Important Abbreviation and their full form.

AU » Astronomical Units
ATR » Action Taken Report
AVRC » Audio Visual Research Centre
BCC » Blind Carbon Copy
BLOB » Binary Large Object
BIS » Bureau of Indian Standards
BBC » British Broadcasting Corporation
BAE » British Aerospace
BNSC » British National Space Centre
BEL » Bharat Electronics Limited
B.L. » Bachelor of Law
BARC » Bhaba Atomic Research Centre
B.Ed. » Bachelor of Education
BSE » Bombay Stock Exchange
BSF » Border Security Force
BIOS » Basic Input Output System
BBC » British Broadcasting Corporation
BLO » Binary Large Objects
BHEL » Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
BPR » Business Process Re-engineering
BSE » Bombay Stock Exchange
BPO » Basic Input Output System
BIT » Business Process Outsourcing
CDMA » Code Division Multiple Access
CBSE » Central Board of Secondary Education
CBI » Central Bureau of Investigation
CAT » Common Admission Test
CAD » Computer Aided Design
CID » Criminal Investigation Department
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