Abbreviation and Acronyms

DIRECTIONS : Important Abbreviation and their full form.

SCSI » Small Computer Systems Interface
S&T » Science and Technology
STP » Software Technology Park
SAC » Space Application Centre
SCSI » Small Country Systems Interface
SAT » Scholastic Aptitude Test
SVP » Saturated Vapour Pressure
SSI » Small Scale Industry
SMS » Short Message Service
SMTP » Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
STD » Subscriber Trunk Dialling
SAIL » Steel Authority of India Limited
SENSEX » Sensitivity Index of Share Price
SIM » Subscriber Information Module
SLV » Satellite Launch Vehicle
STAR » Satellite Television Asian Region Ltd.
TMO » Telegraphic Money Order
TOEFL » Test of English as a Foreign Language
TCP » Transmission Control Protocol
TV » Television
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