Abbreviation and Acronyms

DIRECTIONS : Important Abbreviation and their full form.

EVR » Electro Video Recording
ECA » Essential Commodities Act
ESP » Extra Sensory Perception
ENS » Eastern Newspapers Society
ETT » Embryo Transfer Technology
EOF » End of file
EDI » Electronic Data Interchange
EIS » Executive Information System
ECG » Electro Cardiogram
ERNET » Educational and Research Network
FBI » Federal Bureau of Investigation
FM » Frequency Modulation
FAO » Food and Agriculture Organisation
FIR » First Information Report
FIRE » Fully Integrated Robostised Engine
FAQ » Frequently Asked Question
FIFA » International Football Federation
FCI » Food Corporation of India
FRS » Fellow of the Royal Society
GATE » Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
GATS » General Agreement on Trade and Services
GDP » Gross Domestic Product
GUI » Graphical User Interface
GATE » Graduate Aptitute Test in Engineering
GB » Great Britian
GAIL » Gas Authority of India Ltd.
GSI » Geological Survey of India
GEF » Global Environment Fund
GO » Government Order
GOC » General Officer Commanding
GSP » Generalised Systems Preference
GRE » Graduate Record Examination
GSM » Global System for Mobile Communications
GUI » Graphical User Interface
GSM » Global System for Mobile Communications
HAL » Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
HV » High Voltage
HVNET » High Speed VSAT Network
HIV » Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HTTP » Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HF » High Frequency
HSD » High Speed Diesel
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