Abbreviation and Acronyms

DIRECTIONS : Important Abbreviation and their full form.

LSG » Local Self Government
LIC » Life Insurance Corporation
LIS » Land Information System
LRSI » Low-temperature Reusable Surface Insulation
LCD » Liquid Crystal Display
LCM » Lowest Common Multiple
LCA » Light Combat Aircraft
MBBS » Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
M.I. » Military Intelligence
M.F.N. » Most Favoured Nation
M.D. » Doctor of Medicine
M.B.A. » Master of Business Administration
MLA » Member of Legislative Assembly
MKS » Metre Kilogram Second
MCI » Medical Council of India
Ms » Master of Surgery
MSc » Master of Science
MO » Money Order
MNC » Multi National Corporation
MIDI » Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIPS » Million Instructions per Second
MNC » Multi National Corporation
MODEM » modulator demodulator
MPEG » Medical Council of India
M.D » Doctor of Medicine
MLA » Member of Legislative Assembly
MPEG » Motion Picture Experts Group
NASA » National Aeronautics and Space Ad-ministration
NDA » National Defence Academy
NSUI » National Students Union of India
NTPC » National Thermal Power Corporation
NCO » Non Commissioned Officer
NAAI » National Airports Authority of India
NEC » North East Council
NPL » National Physical Laboratory
NGO » Non Government Organisation
NSC » National Security Council
NASSCOM » National Association of Software and Service Companies
OBC » Other Backward Classes
ODI » Open Data Link Interface
ODA » Overseas Development Association
OGL » Open General Licence
OIC » Organisation of Islamic Conference
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