Abbreviation and Acronyms

DIRECTIONS : Important Abbreviation and their full form.

HFD » High Frequency Doppler
HTR » High Temperature Reactor
HMI » Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
HTML » Hyper Text Markup Language
ICU » Intensive Care Unit
IA » Indian Airlines
IAAI » Indian Audit and Accounts Services
IAS » Indian Administrative Service
IBM » International Business Machines
ICMR » International Council for Medical Research
IDA » International Development Agency
IEEE » Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers
IFC » Industrial Finance Corporation
IISCO » Indian Iron and Steel Company
ICJ » International Court of Justices
IDBI » Industrial Development Bank of India
IELTS » International English Language Testing System
INA » Indian National Army
IELTS » International English Language Testing System
INTUC » Indian National Trade Union Congress
IP » Internet Protocol
ISO » International Standards Organisation
ITES » Information Technology enabled services
ITU » International Telecommunication Union
IRC » International Red Cross
IPC » Indian Penal Code
IYC » Indian Youth Congress
IDBI » Industrial Development Bank of India
IOC » Indian Oil Corporation
IPCL » Indian Petro Chemicals Corporation LTD.
IMS » Indian Medical Service
INS » Indian Newspaper Society
IRS » Indian Revenue Service
IFC » Industrial Finance Corporation
IRRI » International Rice Research Institute
ISO » International Standards Organisation
ITI » Indian Telephone Industries
ITI » Industrial Training Institute
JPEG » Joint Photographic Expert Group
JP » Justices of Peace
JSC » Joint Stock Company
JCO » Junior Commissioner Officer
JPP » Janata Parliamentary Party
KM » Kilometre
KMPH » Kilometre Per Hour
KG » Kilogram
KRC » Konkan Railway Corporation
LASER » Light Amplication by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
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