Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers
56. Atmospheric humidity is measured by
  A.  Anemometer
  B.  Hydrometer
  C.  Psychrometer
  D.  Lysimeter
57. Mycology is the study of
  A.  Fungi
  B.  Virus
  C.  Hydrilla
  D.  Rhizobium

58. What is the name of the nuclear reactor at Trombay?
  A.  Bhaba
  B.  Apsara
  C.  Venus
  D.  Aryabhatta
59. Television was discovered by
  A.  Bohr
  B.  Becquerrel
  C.  J.L. Baird
  D.  H.J. Bhaba
60. Finance Commission is constituted every
  A. 2 years
  B. 4 years
  C. 5 years
  D. 6 years