Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers
61. The botanical name of wheat plant is
  A.  Oryza sativa
  B.  Ricinus communis
  C.  Pisum sativum
  D.  Triticum vulgare
62. The isomer of Glucose is
  A.  Ethanol
  B.  Sugar
  C.  Fructose
  D.  Dimethyl ether

63. Mendel used the ------ plant for his hybridisation experiment.
  A.  Beans
  B.  Peas
  C.  Cereals
  D.  Pulses
64. Electrons were discovered by
  A.  Newton
  B.  Chadwick
  C.  J.J. Thompson
  D.  Roentgen
65. The currency of Bangladesh is
  A. Taka
  B. Riyal
  C. Dollar
  D. Kata