Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers
21. The largest planet of the solar system is
  A.  Mars
  B.  Earth
  C.  Jupiter
  D.  Saturn
22. The hottest planet is
  A.  Venus
  B.  Mercury
  C.  Saturn
  D.  Jupiter

23. The fastest planet is
  A.  Venus
  B.  Mercury
  C.  Saturn
  D.  Jupiter
24. National Institute of Unani Medicine is situated at
  A.  Bangalore
  B.  Jaipur
  C.  Pune
  D.  Hyderabad
25. The primary egg membrane of a mammal is called
  A. Theca
  B. Jelly layer
  C. Jelly envelop
  D. Zona pellucida