Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers
11. Which of the following wild life sanctuaries is in Assam?
  A.  Periyar
  B.  Sunderban
  C.  Dudwa
  D.  Manas
12. Which Indian state is the largest producer of pepper?
  A.  Karnataka
  B.  Tamil Nadu
  C.  Kerala
  D.  Andhra Pradesh

13. The Kakarpara project is on the river
  A.  Tabi
  B.  Narmada
  C.  Kosi
  D.  Mahanadi
14. Jaldapara Sanctuary is located in
  A.  Madhya Pradesh
  B.  Tamil Nadu
  C.  Assam
  D.  West Bengal
15. Which of the following is known as the Holy Land?
  A. Mecca
  B. Palestine
  C. Naples
  D. Bucharest