Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers
121. The book Remembering Babylon is written by
  A.  David Malouf
  B.  Philip Roth
  C.  E.Annie Proulx
  D.  Vikram Seth
122. Lala Lajpat Rai is the author of the book
  A.  Mother India
  B.  Hind Swaraj
  C.  India Divided
  D.  Unhappy India

123. Which of the following rivers does not drain into the Arabian Sea?
  A.  Cauvery
  B.  Godavari
  C.  Tapi
  D.  Narmada
124. Which one of the following is the petroleum wax?
  A.  Paraffin wax
  B.  Jojoba wax
  C.  Bees wax
  D.  Carnauba wax
125. Which of the following Vedas is a collection of spells and incantations?
  A. Rig veda
  B. Sama Veda
  C. Yajur veda
  D. Atharva Veda