Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers
86. --------- forms the liquid part of the blood.
  A.  WBC
  B.  RBC
  C.  HB
  D.  Plasma
87. The ignition temperature of white phosphorous is
  A.  30 K
  B.  30°C
  C.  30°F
  D.  30

88. 1 HP is equal to -------- watt
  A.  526
  B.  556
  C.  726
  D.  746
89. Stethoscope was invented by
  A.  Dunlop
  B.  Lainnec
  C.  Bessemer
  D.  Becqueral
90. The last British Governor General was
  A. Rajaji
  B. Lord Canning
  C. Warren Hastings
  D. Lord Mount Batten