Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : General Knowledge Questions and Answers
26. The first Governer General of India was appointed in
  A.  1770
  B.  1774
  C.  1991
  D.  1883
27. Who introduced the system of Civil Services?
  A.  Lord Dalhousie
  B.  Warren Hastings
  C.  Lord Hardinge
  D.  William Bentick

28. The number of Puranas is
  A.  16
  B.  18
  C.  20
  D.  22
29. National Integration Council is chaired by
  A.  Prime Minister
  B.  President
  C.  Home Minister
  D.  Lok Sabha Speaker

30. The book “Wealth of Nations” was written by
  A. Eric Roll
  B. Harold Laski
  C. J.M.Keynes
  D. Adam Smith